Tuesday 29 May 2007

Diva is my Goddess

Every three months comes a moment I’ve been waiting for the previous three months, when Ritu changes the menu at Diva. Not that I look at the new menu placed before me. I am content to be fed whatever the chef thinks fit. Content to let her choose the wine. It works every time. I have yet to end a Diva evening not dazed with food and drink and without needing some support to reach my car.

Last week’s menu change had me nearly horizontal. Placed before me first was a platter of mixed non veg antipasti. I still remember the sensational combination of flavourful rucola with its sweet balsamic glaze, covering crisp roast duck, accompanied by shavings of pecorino on a bed of glazed pears. I think there were some pine nuts in there too, but by this time the Chilean red was taking effect. Also on the plate was a delicate avocado mousse placed atop crab and two perfectly grilled prawns.

Next came a rich Sicilian sausage and cream pasta. I finished it with the rest of the Chilean. The main course was accompanied by a bottle of Barolo and I needed all my concentration to slice the perfectly grilled succulent pork with German mustard sauce, roasted carrots and zucchini. Heaven. My companion had ravioli stuffed with pears and gorgonzola, in a butter and thyme sauce. I tasted her dessert, with chocolate oozing like lava out of a crust of more chocolate.

I will go back and try the polenta topped with Milanese pork sausage. Or the New Zealand lamb chops with rosemary roasted potatoes, and red wine and fig sauce. Or one of those wafer thin crepes stuffed with mushroom and goat cheese. You must go too. Just don’t look at the menu.

Diva Italian M-8 A, M Block Market, GKII, New Delhi (29215673, 41637019; www.diva-italian.com)

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