Tuesday 26 June 2007

How you get here, part I

Of the many, many Google search terms that hit my blog…

Some are basic, like
-bombay boy leslie
-gay delhi

I understand why some get here, like
-bombay boy movie wall picture
-bombay sex
-Jangpura Delhi blog
-mallu masala

Some ain’t so obvious, but unobjectionable, like
-indian young gay boys seeking gay boy friends in bombay
-non veg ringtone
-Walkins at Mumbai between 25 to 30 june 2007

But why old pants exchange offer, mumbai
And why child 'ped' photo (just what are you up to in Torun, Poland?)

If you think that last one is weird, check out this post on shivam's blog to learn the varied interests of the world

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